Destroying Mountains, Destroying America

My son may not understand my deep concern about the devastation this Administration is wreaking in America, and why I’m being aggressively vocal about it.  But he is a biologist and a professor of environmental ethics, and is deeply concerned about the mountain-top mining that destroys the beauty of those mountaintops forever, creates slurry pools that may despoil headwaters and pollute ground waters for large regions, and apparently cannot be addressed at the state level because mining money is too heavily influencing the state legislative processes.

I realized that we’re talking about the same thing.

The Administration consists of a few people who are rapidly ripping up the high peaks of free markets, individual liberty, private property,  freedom of speech, economic prosperity … the list goes on … in ways that will take generations to repair, if that will even be possible.  The destructive process cannot be stopped at the national legislature, because the money is flowing in torrents to the support groups of this Administration, and the opposing votes aren’t sufficient to slow the blasting.

And the slurry pools … the residual devastation that flows out to all the surrounding communities … the spoiling of the clean water that whole populations depend on? 

Just one example: When we kill the free market dynamics that create the medical tools and medicines the rest of the world depends on, it will have a global impact.  When the rest of the world cannot come here for the medical care not available in their socialized systems … where will they go?  Who will develop the next generations of medicines and high-technology tools?  Research labs run with the incentives and compassion of the IRS?  Umm… right.

Blasting the tops of the mountains, to quickly rip out the value and move on … throwing away the core institutions of a great country, to grab billions for favorite support groups and a long list of objectives totally outside the scope of Constitutionally-authorized activities … long-term, irreversible damage affecting huge populations … and a corrupt legislature that just wants their share.

Looks the same to me!

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