It’s much worse than I thought.

Finally, I get it.

So many things about Mr. Obama have been confusing, maddening, ridiculous, contradictory. How could a man do and say the things he is doing and saying, with any sense of integrity, or even day to day consistency? How could a man so obviously not competent, a man with no achievements whatsoever, have achieved the position he has? How can he get away with things so far outside his legitimate authority? Why are his supporters so oblivious to the problems, and so unwilling to hear criticism of him? How can he push us so quickly towards national bankruptcy, with no apparent concern? How can he push so much massively expensive legislation through so quickly, each piece of which pushes money to favored groups but clearly accomplishes nothing of what it was supposedly intended to do (TARP, the stimulus bill, Healthcare reform, etc)?

Now I understand.

You may already have absorbed this material, which has apparently been reproduced extensively; I’m just now getting there.

In his essay “Understanding Obama: the Making of a Fuehrer“, published just before the 2008 election, Ali Sina describes what we’re seeing, compares it to numerous prior examples in history, and provides the diagnosis: a psychological syndrome called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

After the election, he published “What Will the Future Bring Under Obama”, offering a more thorough description of what causes this disorder and the behavior it produces. He then looks back at the history of other leaders with this syndrome – Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Joseph Kony, Mao Ze Dong, David Koresh, Adoph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein – and projects where we are headed, based on those cases.

In January, 2009, Mr. Sina published “Obama and the Birth of Mobocracy in America”, an essay on the mobocracy that we now see emerging, the willingness of Obama followers to engage in normally unacceptable behavior in support of Mr. Obama’s image and popularity, and the incredible phenomenon of the courts refusing to even consider honest and supported challenges to his having met the qualifications to even be elected as President.

And his accompanying article “Obowma and the Saudi King” explores the incredible act of the leader of the free world bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia in a way which confused us, but which the Arab world clearly understood.

I find Mr. Sina’s analysis of the current situation completely credible and thorough. Here are some of the many questions that it answers for me:

1. How can Mr. Obama say so many things that are simply not true, with no apparent sense of having lied about them?
2. Why is he so secretive about his birth, his education, his career?
3. Why are his followers so willing to be aggressive, violent, even criminal in their defense of him, and so unwilling to allow questioning of his statements and actions?
4. Why has the press abandoned its Constitutionally-protected role of watchdog?
5. Why are the courts and the Congress abandoning their “check and balance” role, allowing the President to run roughshod over them (and us)?
6. How could a scholar with no publications, a lawyer with no clients, a Senator with no voting record, a man without proof of natural citizenship … a man with no history whatsoever … be elected President?
7. Why does he claim to be Christian, yet bow obsequiously (as a slave to his master) to a global leader of the most violent Muslim sect, and avoid any involvement with any faith at all in his daily actions?
8. Why is he so angry, vindictive, and dangerous when criticized?
9. Does he want to turn the US into a third-world country, or is that simply a by-product of another motive, a by-product that simply does not matter to him?
10. Why is he so unaware or insensitive to appropriate behavior – ie, snubbing and insulting our allies, pandering to our avowed enemies, giving ridiculous gifts to heads of state, etc?
11. How can a man in his position, with his apparent level of education, offer such inane, vacuous, childish solutions to serious problems?
12. How could he seriously offer Sonia Sotomayor as a legitimate addition to the Supreme Court?
13. Why does he criticize things he admits having no information about?
14. How can he spend so lavishly on his personal desires while stressing financial restraint for everyone else?
15. Why does he think there are 57 states?
16. Why did he use Greek columns as his stage setting?
17. How can he passionately promote legislation that neither he nor the Congressional leadership has read, or know the details of, and grossly misrepresent its financial impact?
18. Why would he vote “present” 130 times as a Senator? Did he have no opinion on the issues?
19. How can he be eloquently persuasive on some occasions, and a bumbling, incoherent, rambling know-nothing on other occasions?
20. Where did an unknown candidate for President, and the most radical leftist ever even nominated for such an office, get almost a billion dollars to spend on an election campaign?
20. Perhaps most importantly: what does he really want, and where will that take us?

The answer is fully expressed in these three initials: NPD. Mr. Sina lays it out completely.

What is to be done?

As Mr. Sina points out, only the Germans could have stopped Hitler, before his madness became a global catastrophe. Only the Russians could have stopped Stalin. Only the Iranians could have stopped Khomeini. And only you and I can stop the progression now unfolding in America, before the entire world pays the price for our disastrous choice. I’m sure that the prospect of riots and civil war within those countries was unthinkable; but, in hindsight, would riots in the streets of Munich been preferable to the Holocaust? Absolutely. What will be the global cost of our failure to act?

Once these leaders were in power, their followers became willing to do what was unthinkable before. Americans will likewise become willing to do horrible things, if we let this continue — history is clear. We are not immune. We are not different. If it happened in Germany, and Russia, and Japan, and China … who is foolish enough to think it will not happen here? Our youth, up through not-so-young adults, have been raised in government-controlled schools, and the philosophical basis is in place to accept all of this. As just one example, the same Darwinian thinking that helped Hitler rationalize his condemnation of the Jewish people has been the ruling philosophy of our science curriculum for decades.

The next steps, historically, are

    – the control and elimination of dissenting speech (primarily flourishing today on talk radio and the internet),
    – the disarming of the population,
    – the seizing of financial and manufacturing organizations, and
    – the elimination of barriers to permanent rule.

We see actions already in progress for all but the last. But when the second amendment is gone, and then the first amendment, what is to prevent the elimination of the 22nd, which limits the President to two terms? Piece of cake. Muslim insistence on implementing Sharia law will be honored, in spite of the Constitutional requirement that all be treated equally under the (Constitutional) law. The crisis precipitated by national bankruptcy will allow martial law to be imposed, and America is gone.

For all I know, the 2010 elections may be too late. Mr. Obama, and the thugocracy he leads, are moving very quickly. The immediate mobilization of SEIU union thugs to intimidate and push out constituents from this summer’s town hall meetings was a clear symption. And did you see the Black Panthers, armed, “guarding” the entrance to one such meeting? Expression of disagreement will be met with intimidation and force, and local law enforcement, and the courts, are apparently already too intimidated to stand against it. Given the massive voter fraud we’ve just seen (ACORN’s actions, the legal processes that corrupted Minnesota’s Senatorial election, etc), our ability to rely on a fair election process seems to be disappearing.

How far have we come?

Taking from some, by force, to give to others, in the name of “fairness” or “equality”, is Communism. We do it today, on a massive scale. Dr. Walter E. Williams, patriot and economist extraordinaire, has expressed his assessment that “more than two-thirds of the federal budget amounts to legalized theft with no moral justification or constitutional authority.” (My apologies, I don’t have the exact reference available.)

But it’s worse. Government control of private enterprise is Fascism; it is on full display with the government takeover of Chrysler and General Motors. None of this is legal, under the supreme law of the land; all of it is happening today, in spite of oaths to uphold the Constitution that have been sworn by everyone involved.

And it’s even worse.

This is the part that suddenly gives me great fear for our country. Until now, I thought it was just a matter of dealing with an arrogant, incompetent man and his party, with an advisory staff of known radicals and revolutionaries, as they push our nation into total bankruptcy and socialism, basically turning the USA into the world’s newest “third world country”, and leaving the forces of tyranny elsewhere in the world free to run amuck. That was bad enough!

But it’s worse than that.

The repeated historical evidence is that the path we are on results in an overthrow of the existing governmental structures and processes and the seizing of power by the leader thus worshipped and enabled, with horrible, devastating results for that country and possibly the world. Since we are talking about such an individual having control of the most powerful military in the history of the world, and being at the helm of the one country most willing and able to defend freedom in the world, I think we cannot imagine how bad it will get if things go unchecked.

So, what is to be done?

Here are the legal, Constitutional, available options that come to my mind, all of which would have seemed extreme … until compared to the astounding violations of tradition and law that are happening daily in Washington:

1. In each jurisdiction, we need to impeach and remove the judges who refuse to do their Constitutional duty, such as refusing to hear legitimate cases involving Mr. Obama’s eligibility to hold office. Impeachment is the Constitutionally-prescribed solution for office-holders who are in violation of the public trust, and we neglect it to our harm. For the courts, in this particular example, to say “we the people” have no standing to ask Constitutional questions, is absurd; those courts serve us, not vice-versa.

2. Remove everyone from Congress in 2010 that has failed to uphold the Constitution. The 2010 elections offer a rare opportunity to clear the deck and install representatives who will not tolerate this nonsense.

3. In 2011, repeal massive amounts of the Socialism and Fascism enacted by our current and prior legislatures.

4. Stand on the 10th Amendment in every state, and stop bowing to the supposed authority of the federal government to do things not granted to it in the Constitution. This does not help fix the problems in Washington, but it lets the states back away and perhaps not be sucked into the abyss as well.

5. Force the issue of Mr. Obama’s ineligibility to hold office to be addressed, resolve it, and if appropriate, remove him as quickly as possible. This would also force us to endure the chaos of dealing with the legislation that is “in effect”, but was not in fact legitimately signed; but that pain is far less than what’s coming otherwise.

6. Take a fresh look at the respective authorities of the people, the states, and the federal government we collectively formed to serve us, and understand what our options are when that federal government is in gross violation of of its charter.

7. Refuse to be bullied.

8. Take bold action in full reliance on the grace of the God who gave us this incredible nation in the first place.

What else can we do? NPD + power = tyranny. It is staring us in the face.

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5 Responses to It’s much worse than I thought.

  1. PattyAnn says:

    I came here from BiW’s blog. Glad I did. Good read. Thank you.

  2. TomTom says:

    You have hit most of my “hot button” subjects and while I agree with you on the facts – I am more pessimistic than you on what can be done.

    In my mind, the “wellspring” question is your number four – why has the media allowed this to go so far. I don’t know the answer but believe it started with their hatred of the previous admin. and so far the cowards have not been willing to do an about-face. While many of us are becoming more
    aware, the majority are still FDH (fat, dumb, happy) and the Old media may by the only way to wake them.

  3. Thank you Gary. I am not looking forward to riots; but I fear they are in our future.

    Meanwhile, trust in Him.

    And; America, Bless God.

  4. Bob Reed says:

    Very well written and cogent piece. I think that talk of Obama’s “legitimacy” will immediately cause a large number of folks to write off your opinions as a “crazy birther!”. While I too share your doubts, and am skeptical about Obama’s paranoid secrecy regarding ALL elements of his past, I think that if you removed that point from your essay, that it could enjoy a much wider circulation…

    But overall a very impressive discussion!

    • Gary Henderson says:

      Thank you, sir. I have made some changes based on your comments, for I certainly do not know what the outcome of that investigation would be. There may not be a fire in that room, but there’s a huge amount of smoke — ie, evidence of personal records of every kind being hidden, or worse. It needs to be resolved, not ignored. However, resolving that particular issue may not help us at all in avoiding the enormous train wreck that I suddenly believe is coming. The lessons from history that apply to our current situation are beyond terrifying. Again, thank you.

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