An Open Letter To Governor Rick Perry of Texas

April 22, 2010

Governor Perry
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Governor Perry,

Thank you for your office’s response on April 22 to my letter about Texas’ interposition against the federal encroachments. Your answer was essentially that you will take no action to convene the legislature to deal with these issues, because the legislators are not clamoring for you to do so, and the next session will be here soon.

But you have said repeatedly that you will do “everything in our power” to protect us from the constitutional violations going on in Washington. In what I’ve seen and heard, you did NOT say you would do “everything in my power that the legislature asks me to do, and I’m going to wait until next year to do it”. That is a far weaker and more passive position than what you have articulated!

Look at what can happen between now and November, never mind when the Texas legislature reconvenes in January. They’ve already seized the automotive and healthcare industries, they are currently engaging in a hostile takeover of the financial industry, and by November they will also ram through immigration and “cap and trade”.

How much damage will we sustain, before you’re willing to walk the talk?

And there is enormous opportunity for Texas here. Corporations will run to the state that preserves their freedom. Why should that not be Texas?

Please reconsider your decision to simply watch the clock, while our liberty and Constitutional rights take one assault after another. The states are our last defense against this socialist tide, and time’s a-wasting!

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One Response to An Open Letter To Governor Rick Perry of Texas

  1. Sandra says:

    Woohoo. Send this to every major newspaper and web site in the State of Texas. And to the Tea Party folks too.

    How about my favorite talk show hosts? Local and national. Great information about the governor who’s so tough he carries while running the trails… He’s defended a puppy–his running partner– from attacking coyotes… why not us?

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