Icelandic Racism Sweeps New England

Dateline June 7, 2010 – UPI (Unbiased Press Inc)

Commentators and news outlets across the western and southern United States are reporting a huge upswing in racist bigotry by New Englanders towards people of Icelandic heritage. Polls in New England seem to indicate something else is going on, but the evidence mounts that the people of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and other states as far south as Pennsylvania are seriously opposed to immigration from Iceland.

For the past few years, and increasingly in the past 18 months, increasing numbers of undocumented workers have been coming ashore in the sparsely populated regions of the Nova Scotia coast, making their way into New Brunswick, and slipping across the border into Maine and states further south with automatic weapons and large quantities of marijuana and cocaine. They appear to be coming across the border simply to mow lawns, roof homes, and build a better life for themselves than is possible in Iceland.

This is perfectly acceptable under current federal guidelines, of course, as the administration hopes to convert many of the arriving undocumented workers into Democratic voters by means of an amnesty plan being considered in Congress.

In the meantime, reports are increasing of land owners along the upper eastern Maine border being murdered by these immigrants, and the number of state and municipal police across New England being shot by undocumented workers has risen sharply. A troubling wave of car-jackings in the area seems to be unstoppable, and Boston has suddenly become the kidnapping capital of the world, with ransom demands being paid almost daily as citizens try to rescue their family members. Officials are at a loss to explain these phenomena.

Jackets and blankets have been found along the frequently-used paths across the Maine border with emblems depicting airplanes flying into twin towers, and with Arabic slogans commonly associated with Jihadists. A significant number of the immigrants from Iceland appear to actually be from other points of origin, including several nations supportive of Jihad against the United States, according to the data on those few transients captured by local authorities. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs indicates the administration has no such information.

The Governor of Maine has just proposed a law that would require Maine officials to enforce federal immigration regulations, but he has been heavily criticized by the President, the Attorney General, and others around the country, for his obviously racist motives.

Iceland’s government has sharply criticized those who are speaking out against this flow of future citizens into New England. From a quick review of their statutes, however, it appears that similar immigration into Iceland would not be tolerated.

In related news, the complaints about Arizona’s new law being driven by racism have suddenly disappeared from the New York Times and the major networks.

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