Crucial Decisions

There are two crucial decisions in play for America, in the political arena, on which everything else depends.  Do you agree?

1.  Will we be a nation under the rule of law, specifically the Constitution and the legal means provided to change it, or will we be ruled by the elected leaders in Washington doing whatever they please?

One consideration:  If you like what the current administration is doing, essentially all of which is in violation of the Constitution, you may prefer the latter option.  If so, you will have no grounds to complain if the next election brings an opposite mindset to power, and THEY do whatever they please, again in violation of the law of the land.  If you approve the current actions, then you approve massive violation of oaths of office in pursuit of personal agendas.  So you must also approve of the other side violating their legal bounds to pursue their personal agendas, when they come to power … if you are honest.

2.  Will we be a socialist nation, or a free nation? Will we continue as free men and women managing our own lives, or will we submit to a massive state that makes all our decisions for us? Centrally-managed economies have always produced poverty, misery, and disastrous economies; and since they are usually socialist, in our era, they also murder their own citizens by the millions.

Today, we have turned over the steering wheel to committed socialists, and the economic disaster of the day is entirely predictable, in fact, unavoidable under their policies.  Is it our desire to turn America into an oppressed, third-world country?  Is it theirs?

I prefer, as Dr. Walter E. Williams would say, the moral superiority of freedom.  Do you?

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