The Need for the States to Act

Texas has begun a new legislative session, and in order to reduce the damage that can be done, we only allow them to meet every other year.

As they send out notes to their constituents on their priorities, I keep looking to see if defending us from federal overreach is on their list.  As this administration brushes more Constitutional restraint aside each day, we move closer to massive societal disruption, and the only feasible solution is for the states to “just say no” to this flood of abuse.  In the past I’ve found that reaching out to both state and federal representatives on this subject results in a deafening silence.

In particular, a priority should be supporting the county Sheriffs in their ability to deal with federal agents enforcing unconstitutional acts within their counties.  A simple proclamation would be a major step forward, simply acknowledging their existing authority to do so as the ultimate law enforcement in their counties.  Of course, a state legislature actively declaring particular actions as “null and void” would be even better.

As I mentioned in a recent American Thinker article, James Madison scoffed at the idea that the states would ever allow the federal government to reach this point (Federalist #46), and described what would happen if they did.  It’s not pretty.

Is your state acting to protect you?  Talk to them.  The alternative is that the citizens will eventually have to do it themselves.

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