How Do We Deal with Constitutional Crime?

Have you noticed there is no penalty for violating the Constitution?

No penalty for Congress for not obeying their own laws, such as the one requiring a budget be passed each year?  No penalty for an Administration that aggressively works against the Second Amendment?  No penalty for a President who seizes for himself the authority assigned to Congress?  No penalty for TSA agents who violate the fourth amendment all day long in our airports?

It’s higher than state or federal crime, which is handled by state and federal courts.  It’s crime against “we the people” … but there’s no court available and there are no penalties defined …

Until we can put the federal beast back inside its cage (its Constitutional limits), we have to handle this in the states where possible. We who formed and limited the federal government need to defend the rights and authorities we kept “reserved to the states respectively, or to the people” by disallowing federal lawlessness within our borders.  The county Sheriffs have that authority.  Sheriffs who allow the TSA to abuse citizens at airports within their counties, for example, are in clear violation of their oath of office.

And if Congress allows the President to trample on its authority, shame on “we the people” for electing such poor representatives.

Perhaps impeachment is the missing ingredient.  It’s how the founders expected us to deal with misbehaving officials, and we’ve lost the knack.

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