Freedom! But Hurry …

Freedom. You Can Handle It. But Hurry!  The second edition is out – after the election, the Obamacare ruling, and increasing evidence of where this administration is headed.

The nation is arming itself. Why?

Anyone who paid attention in history class can answer the question.

This book shows you the American dream, how it is being destroyed, and what we can do to save it … so those guns won’t need to be used. If the federal government won’t willingly obey the law, the states must force it to do so. If they will not, tyranny will come to our counties, our neighborhoods, and our front doors.

Freedom. For you, your kids, your grandkids … it’s still possible, but we need to hurry.

Available in print from online bookstores, and in the various ebook formats for the Kindle, the Nook, and the Apple iBook readers.



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