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Some things are more important than others. Let’s not get confused or distracted.

Loving God, Loving America: Keeping Your Balance in a Freefall World

By Gary Henderson Reprinted from The American Thinker, August 25, 2013 What has happened to our Constitutional republic? Where is the rule of law? What about “the consent of the governed”? The President and Attorney General pick and choose which … Continue reading

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The Need for the States to Act

Texas has begun a new legislative session, and in order to reduce the damage that can be done, we only allow them to meet every other year. As they send out notes to their constituents on their priorities, I keep … Continue reading

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It’s much worse than I thought.

Finally, I get it. So many things about Mr. Obama have been confusing, maddening, ridiculous, contradictory. How could a man do and say the things he is doing and saying, with any sense of integrity, or even day to day … Continue reading

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Destroying Mountains, Destroying America

My son may not understand my deep concern about the devastation this Administration is wreaking in America, and why I’m being aggressively vocal about it.  But he is a biologist and a professor of environmental ethics, and is deeply concerned … Continue reading

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